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The Eva's Wild Salmon Case

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Delicious, rich flavor. Harvested by small boat fishermen in a sustainably managed, regenerative fishery. Lowest carbon footprint center-plate protein on the planet. 

10% of all profits go back to indigenous-led efforts to protect Bristol Bay’s unique salmon habitat. 

✘ Sushi grade

✘ Flash-frozen at the source

✘ Handled with impeccable care. 

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Quality fish, quality ware

EW Apparel

Beyond wild sockeye sourced from Bristol Bay, we also provide apparel for your next outdoor adventure.

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Dive into the full experience

The Chef Box

A unique culinary experience centered around our orca-safe, regenerative, Wild Bristol Bay Sockeye Salmon, harvested by small-boat fishermen from most sustainable fishery in the world.

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Let them Decide

Send your loved ones the beautiful and useful Eva's Wild gift card, including funds to redeem for wild salmon or apparel, recipes, and information about how to further support Bristol Bay.

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corporate & bulk orders

For orders of 5+ going to different addresses, we have a bulk order form to make it easy!