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Experience salmon

Source matters

Our sustainably harvested, orca-safe, wild sockeye salmon comes from the most regenerative fishery in the world,

Bristol Bay, Alaska

We're Mark and Mat,

two salmon-obsessed Pacific Northwesterners. Mat captains a commercial boat in Bristol Bay each summer for the wild sockeye harvest. Mark spent many years as a fly fishing guide in Alaska's Southeast, and has been making films about protecting salmon habitat for decades.

We created Eva's Wild to protect wild salmon habitat, with every bite.

Your Salmon's Journey

Learn what makes us the only choice for restaurant's and homes across North America

Salmon jumping up a waterfall in Bristol Bay, Alaska


Unmatched sustainability

Your orca-safe, always wild, Bristol Bay sockeye salmon is sustainably harvested and fully traceable, originating from the largest and most sustainably managed wild salmon fishery on the planet.


Impeccable Care

Every fish is harvested with impeccable care, chilled immediately, then vacuum-sealed and flash-frozen to preserve pristine taste and quality.


Small Boat Fishing

All of our salmon comes from small-boat fishermen working to protect & maintain Bristol Bay's pristine salmon habitat.


Industry Leaders

Our processing partners are leaders in cold chain & quality.


Certified Quality

Including Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified fish from the only fully refrigerated fleet in Bristol Bay.


Hand Cut Filets

From the only woman owned and operated processing company in Alaska.


The Lowest Footprint

Because Bristol Bay sockeye is all harvested in such a short season and is shipped via barge en masse, it is also the lowest carbon footprint center-plate protein on the planet.

Experience Storytelling

Mark and Mat are also filmmakers, tying the transformative experience of film to the sacrament of food.

Mark directed award-winning salmon documentaries, The Breach & The Wild. The final film in this trilogy, The Turn is due out in late '24 or early '25.

Why we do this

Mark founded Eva's Wild after pondering the same question from audiences after every screening of his films:

"what can we do to help?".

Every time you order Eva's Wild salmon to your table, ship it to your door, or experience our media, you are directly taking action to save what you love.

At least 10% of Eva's Wild profits support indigenous-led efforts like the Bristol Bay Education Foundation to protect wild salmon strongholds by empowering the people who know them best.

And with every purchase, you are supporting 18,000 sustainable jobs in Bristol Bay that generate $2 billion dollars for the American economy.

Thank you for joining us.