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Article: Wild Sockeye Home Delivery: Good for You and the Planet

Wild Sockeye Home Delivery: Good for You and the Planet
Bristol Bay

Wild Sockeye Home Delivery: Good for You and the Planet

You probably have heard that a diet including heart-healthy, omega-3-rich, wild salmon is good for you. What you may not know is that wild Bristol Bay sockeye salmon is unique among salmon species in the variety of nutrients it offers, all while being among the lowest carbon-footprint proteins you can find in the world.


‍First, the basics: salmon is rich in protein omega-3 fatty acids. Among these, DHA (one of the long-chain omega-3s) plays a key role in brain function, benefiting mental health and cognition. Beyond that, omega-3s promote cardiovascular health, suppress inflammatory responses, and help keep joints young & nimble. Aside from the internal health benefits, Omega-3s deliver a natural shine and resilience to your hair and keep skin pliable and healthy. Wild salmon also helps build & preserve muscle mass. With 23 grams of protein per serving, this ruby-red meat increases muscle mass and helps it recover after stress and workouts. ‍


‍So we know salmon is healthy. But what sets Bristol Bay wild sockeye salmon apart from the rest? The double-bottom-line of unique health benefits and environmental sustainability. Sockeye salmon, nicknamed Reds, possess the highest quantity of astaxanthin of all salmon species. Astaxanthin is an antioxidant that acts as a catalyst for omega-3s, enhancing the multitude of health benefits they offer. To learn more about astaxanthin and its benefits, read here. Bristol Bay sockeye salmon is chock full of Vitamin D, which is great for aging eyes and building strong bones. 

‍Now for the part about our planet. Since Bristol Bay sockeye are harvested at the source in the world's most regenerative salmon fishery for an intense 4 weeks each summer, rather than over the course of a months-long or year-round season, they have a lower carbon-footprint per serving than nearly any animal-based protein on the planet. The speed of the harvest also ensures fish are processed immediately; flash-frozen and then shipped out en masse on a barge down to the lower 48. 

Eva's Wild co-founder Mat Cerf aboard the Oceana, a set net vessel in Bristol Bay he's worked on since 2016.

‍Compared to other wild salmon fisheries across the world, and even within Alaska, Bristol Bay sockeye runs are the healthiest on the planet – recording an all-time record salmon run in the summer of 2022. And we know first hand. Mat Cerf, Eva’s Wild co-founder and president of operations, is a commercial fisherman and captain on a Bristol Bay set net vessel, and has worked the sockeye harvest since 2016, during which time Bristol Bay has broken, and re-broken its record for sockeye runs.

‍What this means for you, the consumer, is a protein that strikes a unique balance between nutrition and environmental sustainability.

Graphic from recently published article in Nature comparing the nutrient quality and environmental footprint of various seafoods.

With a lower carbon footprint than nearly any other animal-based protein, and a nutrient profile that makes it one of the most nutritious foods on the planet, sockeye salmon is the perfect way to treat your body & environment with the care that they deserve. When you order yourself a subscription to receive this red gold throughout the year, you are delivering the gift of good health to you, your family and our planet. 


‍In Wildness,

Mat & Mark

‍For more reading on the environmental and physical health benefits of wild salmon, visit:

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