Save Bristol Bay

Bristol Bay, Alaska is a place of deep magic. The wild salmon I and so many others love, still return there in the tens-of-millions every summer.  But the Pebble Mine is on a fast track to permitting and if constructed, could obliterate this massive life-force if they carry out their plans to mine the world’s largest copper deposit in the spawning-rivers of these wild salmon.  

Salmon are the life-blood of Bristol Bay. The Bay still has a perfect, healthy, wild salmon fishery. Over 50 million Sockeye returned to their spawning rivers in the summer of 2017 to feed the animals, land and people - as they have for millennia. 2018 saw a record 65 million Sockeye return. The Bristol Bay commercial fishery supports over 14,000 jobs worth 1.5 billion dollars a year to the American Economy.  The legendary sport fishery that depends on these returning salmon brings in over $60 million dollars a year to the region. And the Yupik People of Bristol Bay hold salmon in the spiritual and cultural center of their existence. Every Native person in Bristol Bay relies on salmon to sustain them throughout the entire year. To these people, salmon are everything.

Bristol Bay Arial

In the middle of all this, the Pebble Limited Partnership is once-again desperately pushing forward to mine the headwaters of Bristol Bay’s salmon-spawning rivers. Pebble asserts both a world-class fishery and their massive, acid producing copper mine can coexist side-by-side. They claim to have the technology to avoid minings’ accidents and failures of the past. Fact is, there’s never been a mine like this that has not polluted the surrounding groundwater – and Bristol Bay is completely connected by water - AND, copper, even in trace amounts over normal measures in river water, is toxic to salmon.


Tailings Pond Catastrophic Failure

Pebble needs to push this mine through right now, while they have support at the federal and state levels. We have two ways to voice our opinions on turning Bristol Bay and its wholly regenerative fishery into a mining district, forever.

  1. We can use our vote and our voice. Right now, tell the U.S. Army Corps, that Pebble is the wrong mine in the wrong place.
  2. Use our dollars to support Bristol Bay and its fully sustainable fishery. Especially with wild salmon and goods of Bristol Bay provenance.

The intention behind the creation of Eva’s Wild is that you can do both of those things, right here in one place - and give back to save this sacred place while doing it.

Bristol Bay, its People and 14,000+ jobs it supports every summer thank you.

As do I.

Mark Titus
Director - The Wild
Founder - Eva’s Wild


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